Sample letter and email to parents

Once you’ve set up your group order, let parents know so they can start browsing magazines and ordering subscriptions. Make to let them know the group order name and the closing date by which they must order.

The best way to communicate this to parents is by email or letter. Look below for some sample text that you can edit and use to save time.

Sample email/letter text:

Language learning magazines for students to boost skills and grades

Dear parents,

At [insert name] School, we always find that students learning languages engage more and perform more strongly in exams when they study topics that they want to watch, listen to or talk and write about.

We are therefore happy to recommend Mary Glasgow Magazines for students learning French / German / Spanish / English.

Packed with great vocabulary, comprehension and grammar tips, Mary Glasgow Magazines are vibrant, colourful and will engage teens at the exact level of the language they are learning, with topics that they’ll love including school life, technology, friends, culture, sport, music, the environment and much more.

An annual subscription to Mary Glasgow Magazines costs just £9.50 / €13 and includes five printed issues (delivered to the school throughout the year) plus unlimited access to video, audio and online activities.

We recommend the following magazines for your child:
  • French: Allonsy-y / Bonjour / Ca Va / Chez Nous
  • Spanish: Que Tal / Ahora / El Sol
  • German: Das Rad / Schuss
  • English: Click / Crown / Team / Club / Current

If you wish to place an order, please visit Search for our school and then the group order name [insert your group order name] and you’ll be able to browse magazines and pay online for your subscriptions.

Please note that the closing date for ordering is [insert group order closing date here].

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

[Insert name]